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Thread: Surf Saturday

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    Surf Saturday

    I know it's gonna go off Sunday but I find it hard to believe Saturday is flat!

    Come on with all that action in the Atlantic there got be something decent tomorrow morning. I know it's greedy but low tide is early and don't want to risk the trip down for minimal, time is limited and I want a weekend of surf lol What do you all think?


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    most likely the front that supposedly will produce waves Sunday is going to be still too close to shore to produce waves Saturday

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    From where Ophelia is positioned, it will take at least 3 days for the swell to arrive to us

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    I think Swellinfo has it right for Sat. Ophelia returns to the Eastern Shore Sun afternoon and Mon.

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    its paltry right now so chances are it stinks tmrw

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    WOW...everything just turned red!