Im 23 years old and finally I have come to just about putting this Puerto Rico Extended trip together. Me and my one buddy are looking to fly out of here the first week in November. Here are the Specs.

-Flight - Hoping fly free with Flyer Miles. (BoardBag Fee $100.00?even with free flght??)

-Rent - In Aguadila 3 bedroom house only $300 a month thats 150$ each between me and my buddy.

-Car - Was told we could get a car for $15 a day (little steep if we wanted it for a whole month) or make longterm investment buy a beater car for $600 or so.

-Food and Gas Monthly - This is where Im asking you guys here.... Im not going there to live like a king just trying to surf some good waves and enjoy what PR has to offer. (Me and my buddy were maybe thinking 200 a month on food and gas, so we each throw $100 in??? Thats a rough guestimate and may be a little too optimistic)

I'am hoping to maybe go down there with $2,000 this is including rent and all expenses(I know its not much) HOw long do you think I would last out there with such a tight budget that I have?)

Like I said I dont plan on living like a king. Pretty much looking to stay as long as my money lasts. I have no problem with finding a job down there. I work in a hotel now as well as a college graduate, so maybe I can throw my resume to one of the resorts down there. If anyone has any suggestions on a cheap car, or knows someone that would hire people for work down there I would really appreciate the feedback. Also as I stated it is a 3 bedroom house we only have 2 people me and my buddy so one more would make everything cheaper, even if you wanted to stay a month to help with rent, we are looking for a 3rd person to make it easier.