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    well played. dig that 'stache,too

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    i truly love when people get really offended or annoyed by posts/posters on a message board. maybe i've just been posting on internet messages boards for way too long (any on here used to post on the revelation records board back in the 90's?) but i've learned to not take anyone on any internet forum serious ever....but seriously fu{k longboarders.

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    its moreso that i came on here to have some fun conversations about surfing and lately its all been ruined. thats what is annoying. i couldnt enjoy/ask anything on here because people come on and start spewing horse**** everywhere. its not what they say, its how they affected pretty much everything. i mean look what were doing now. talking about this **** even more

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    haha revelation records board! i wonder if that place is still going? i last checked it out 5 or 6 years ago, and it was very slow, and it has been slow since late 90s. that was back when revelation stopped putting out good music, and stopped hardcore releases, and good non hardcore releases. i think they put out a few hardcore bands within the last 5 years like sinking ships, but still a lot of bad stuff. it's no surprise look what happened to victory, and equal vision. it seems everyone who is still on the radar from that board moved to bridge 9. once i hit 35 i realized those boards weren't the place for me anymore. still it's my favorite music after over 25 years.

    this place is going downhill, because gruvi stopped posting. this is the only board i have found myself frequenting. i don't even frequent here much. occasionally i'll post on mustangforums, but i can't find the motivation to get online, and post on message boards anymore. years ago i could stay on them all night.

  6. Good ****. Get the **** off your computer and go surf, loser

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    yes this forum has always sucked big time! but I still browse through it here and again when checking the swell! Too many kooks and too many wanna be tough guys.. We need a closed circuit forum of local guys to discuss which bars are working and where through out the winter thats my 2 cents. Screw this cant name spots BS...Ill ne out at my midtide on shore e se swell spot tomorrow ripping only if you guys knew the killer bar that i know you can share some waves with me but since no one knows but me ill be getting shacked and no one will see! so did it ever happen? gay would be better to actually surf and discuss the surf and sessions with some of you so called surfers this winter?

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    what is this the friggin wct?

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    Posting on a forum about how you hate aforementioned forum? Waste of time...

    Everyone: if you're "leaving" a forum, just go. Don't post. No speeches, just don't log in. This isn't a job or school or whatever -- No one cares if you stop posting, no one will even notice.

    I really wish I could see how many times people checked their own 'That's it I'm leaving posts!' to see if people replied how much they will miss them.