I know this should probably just be added to the Aguadilla post or the many other PR threads, but this is a specific question in which I realized may be the most important. I am currently moving to Aguadilla have a house and everything figured out besides transportation. I google mapped the drive/walk from my house to Wildo and Surfers Beach and as a result I got an 8 minute drive and a 1hr walk! I really dont mind an hour walk but it will get old fast! So far I have no means of transportation and little money. Am I just worrying too much? Should I just go down there and figure it out there? or should I be more prepared? I was thinking maybe just buying a bicycle or mo-ped type means of transportation, but not too sure how that will fair with the hilly/windy roads (not to mention the PR drivers).

Any advice will help. Thanks guys! Cheers!