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Thread: its not a star

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    its not a star

    i just want to know if anyone in the kitty hawk, southern shores area has seen starlike lightes in the sky that are defiantly not stars. Usually over the ocean.

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    They are USO's. Probably a base off shore.

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    sure your not seeing planets ? Mars - Jupiter - Venus can be quite bright, and def don't look like stars.

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    Cocaine is a helluva drug..

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    bambino ive missed you

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    Watching the spacestation go by is pretty cool... I saw it a couple months ago with one of the shuttles right after it undocked. It looked like two bright stars moving across the sky real close to eachother.

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    bambino ive missed you

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    I used to see them all the time when I lived in Kitty Hawk, right off the bypass across from medical center. I had a crows nest on top of my place and could see for miles with almost no light pollution. It is amazing the things you see when there isn't something that interferes with your line of sight.