Hey, So I'm new here!
Been surfing for several years mostly on logs and fun boards but, I get out almost every week and almost year round here in Jersey....
I'm 6' and about 160lbs
Right now I'm on a 6'10 X 21 3/4' X 2 7/8"
Been riding it a lot for almost a year now. I like it well enough. Love the extra float and how easy it is to paddle but, duck diving under the heavy stuff is a PIA and its pretty hard to go vertical on it....imposssible maybe.....I can turn, go rail to rail, got shacked twice but I really wanna be able to go vertical more.
I was thinking like a 6'1 flyer or something. I'm not affraid of making such a big jump. I'll figure it out after a while. lol
Also been looking at the 21-13 line. Seems like nice boards at a good price....
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!