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    nice, i finished shaping my first a week ago.
    Nice! Pics?

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    IMG_6136.jpg not a great picture. it's 5'6 21'' 2 3/4. not glassed or painted yet just shaped.

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    what is the best pencil to sign/ draw on styrofoam blank?

  4. Any dark drawing pencil from an art store, the softness of the lead will determine how easy it is.

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    Get a 8b or 9b if you can find them. Pretty sure Greenlight has them.

    But I've found it pretty tough to write on polystyrene foam in general. Now I sharpen the pencil and write really small right on the stringer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kielsun View Post
    I'll upload more pictures later this week, but this will have to do for now:
    Wow... looks real nice, especially for your first attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by brek View Post
    Wow... looks real nice, especially for your first attempt

    A lot of that is due to the fact that mgarbutt really knows what he's doing. He would do one side and then I'd copy what he did on the other. We went step-by-step like that on the whole board except for using the planer for the rails because the depth needed to be adjusted on the fly -- I let him take care of that in the name of the board actually functioning the way it's supposed to! It was a really awesome way to learn and I would recommend to anyone that you hook up with mgarbutt to make a board! His prices are more than reasonable and he's super knowledgeable, too. I'm making a template of my buddy's 9'7" Hanel Log over Christmas and am hoping to make a copy sometime in spring with mgarbutt's assistance.
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  8. The shaping session was a lot of fun! I love working with surfers on collaboration projects, it makes a lot more fun from a shaper's perspective! Should have kielsun's board sanded and finished this week and will post up some final pics of it. dcSurfer that is a sweet little Mini-Simmonsesque board!

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    Here is an album full of pictures documenting the process. They were in order when I uploaded them, but didn't stay that way for some reason.

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