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    Love my Fiberglass Short board Ė change is not an option Ė but after a long session my inner, lower ribcage hurts from grinding on the surface. i know that this is caused from arching my back and that paddling flat is the answer, but when the sets are a-rollin, iím only focused on speed and not technique. Allís good in the water. Then later and dry Ouch! Has anybody else had this problem? If so what to do? -Thanx

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    surf a lot. the more you surf the less it hurts. often my first surf after a long flat spell my ribs hurt. tough it out and everything will be a-ok

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    +1. If you surf regularly your body will adjust and you'll get these callous like thing there. Some call them surf bumps or surf tumors.

    I wouldn't change your technique. I think arching your back, especially if your doing it at the right time, is a good thing. Always paddling flat is for those with weak stomach and back muscles.

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    you dont surf enough

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    haha yeah that is an awful feeling... Sucks the worst when you go from here and the extra 'padding' of a 5/4 in january, to surfing in shorts a couple days later in pr (or anywhere warm)