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    Surf conditions in Playa Negra in April

    Planning a trip to Costa Rica in March or April. April is a better time for us to go, but I'm not sure what the conditions are like in the Guanacaste region at that time of year.

    I've been down several times, but always between Dec-Feb. I know April is a transition month between dry/wet season, but I'm wondering what to expect in terms of wind and conditions. Is it still offshore most of the day, or are the winds starting to get variable by then? If March is more consistently offshore, I may try to go then instead.

    Anyone spent time down there in April?

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    I know Tamarindo is a north swell area, but I'm not sure about Playa Negra.

    I think you are better off going further south that time of year.
    April is a transition period, but south swells can definitely pump in April.

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    Hi, actually March is the best month to surf Guanacaste if you donŽt come on holly-week (way 2 crowded). March has the best of both worlds (dry and rainy season) Has the offshore winds of the dry season with the size of the rainy season. There are always waves in the north pacific. You wonŽt get offshore all day but till 11 am and after 3 pm, most definitively... YES!!!! Dry season has smaller waves but past April begging march the winter swells of the south part of the globe will hit the coast. You know surfing and is not an exact science, but if you stay for a week youŽll get great to amazing surf 5 out of the 7 day, you can count on that.... If you remember, write me once you get back home ;-)

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    I went to Negra for the first 2 weeks in April a year and a half ago. April is the end of the dry season so it's really dry.The weather was perfect every day, I think it drizzled part of one day. Playa Negra was head-double overhead+ everyday and offshore every morning. The wind would shift onshore between 10-12. May is more of a transitional month with the rainy season approaching, but still nice with good surf. I guess the only bad thing (for u) about April in Negra is that it doesn't come after November.It should be sick. Have fun!
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    You will score either March or April. Wind similar, offshore morning and evening and light onshore during the day. Better shot at stronger south swell in April which is better for Negra. In April, still expect to be in dry season, may get a shower or 2 but chances are it will be sunny, hot, no foliage, and dusty. Have fun.

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    That's great! I just booked my tickets from April 9 to May 7. Staying in a house right on the beach at Playa Negra. Can't wait.