Hey guys. the other day I entered a contest for a free custom surfboard giveaway for the hell of it. I randomly got a call that day to say that I was actually selected as finalist for the competition. I was pretty stoked.

To win the competition, you have to post a picture of yourself on the group's wall on Facebook and get the most likes on on the picture by this Friday at midnight. I am currently in the lead due to the help of my wonderful friends and family liking it and sharing it with their friends and family.

Now I am asking all of you if you would care to help the cause. I'm going to post the link to the picture and please feel free to to like and share the picture if you want. I really appreciate all of the help and support that any of you guys can give. O and I was drunk and really sunburned from the session earlier that day so if the picture seems a little strange... that's why haha. Thanks again boys and girls.


p.s. if you want to also, check out the group that's hosting the competition because they offer great deals on trips to CR, Baja, and South America. The guys there are really nice and will give you all the help and advice needed to plan a trip.