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Thread: Question

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    i`ll also add some led zeplin into the mix , it gets me all hyped up .

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    i put campaign 2 in my ps2 an press play, or slightly stoopid - world goes around or some wu-tang clan again, an again, again an again.

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    mjshdj Guest


    all you guys go find a cd by The Cult called "Love" it'll do the trick trust me!!
    or try to find Smashing Pumpkins first cd called "Gish"

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    Sep 2008
    daytona beach, fl
    Hector Lavoe on the way to the beach; then some tourists yelling at their kids in the parkign lot and fianlly the peacfull sound of mother ocean once I paddle out....

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    l like to listen to Bloc Party too some Interpol , or Machine Head ..

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    it makes you feel like you rip
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    i'll tell you what i listen to!! Rodrigo y Gabriella..... acoustic guitar players from new mexico.. they now reside in ireland.

    they have some pump to their toons... it's just them two, so when you listen don't think there is a drummer as well. Gabriella plays beats on the guitar while strumming..

    it's pretty sick... probably not for a grom.... more for the older crowd....


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    Quote Originally Posted by stoopidsurf View Post

    it makes you feel like you rip
    yeah man i agree, or i have some songs from surf movies that make me pumped like "will you smile for me again" by and you will you know us by the trail of the dead, its the opening song from the bruce movie, only the 1st minute is good though, single frame is good, genesis by justice(from stranger than fiction) just reminds me of the movie so i get stoked from that, and MGMT

    and you can't forget some biggie smalls