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    Found the Rip Curl e-bomb 5.5/4.5 for $271 @ 20% off just about everything store wide.

    I think it's about time to pull it....

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    im looking at the e-bomb 543 as well as the billabong SG5 543...both about the same price just cant pull the trigger on one yet...anyone have billabong booties or gloves? just wondering how they compare to other brands. I have excel infinity gloves and boots and looking to upgrade those as well. Side not i looking to sell a hooded vest if anyone is interested

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    Have an ebomb 5.5/4.5, i'm happy with it, they had them for $260 today at SS in OC today for black friday!

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    If you want an xcel or hyperflex suit or gloves/boots check out They have a lot of gear for super chrap. I just got a new pair of drylock boots and gloves for $50 with free shipping, can't beat that.

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    How do the xcel glove fit, and how do they hold up in the cold? I recently bought the Xcel drylock infiniti round toe booties in size 13 and they are way too small - my toes curl up. (if anyone is interested in them, send me a message - i need to get rid of them).

    I'm looking at the rip curl 7mm fbomb booties, but the gloves i'm not too sure about. Any advice?

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    In regards to billabong equipment..... (fart noise)... that is all......

    Xcel equipment is deffinitly where its at. It is deffinitly always best to buy the wetsuit that fits best so I would try all the brands that you can to see what works for you, but I would deffinitly reccomend the xcel suits. I also have their boots and gloves in both 3mm and 5mm and they are amazing. Special emphasis on the 5m gloves, my hands sweat all threw the winter.