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    Past Swell/Wind Direction Database?

    During my lunch break at work today I was checking and re-checking the forecasts for MD and DE for Sunday and plotting out the best spot to paddle out and I thought, "It'd be great to have a database of past swell/wind directions that I could reference to see what the conditions were like on the days I had lots of fun (or didn't) at certain spots."

    SwellInfo, have you ever considered keeping some sort of a record of this stuff OR does it already exist and I'm way out of the loop for not already knowing this info? Is there some sort of historical database of buoy info?

    From here forward I'm definitely going to keep a little moleskin notebook in my wagon to jot down this sort of stuff after a session so I can have a personal record of everything, but I think it'd be pretty cool to have something to reference on the computer, as well. On one hand it seems like a bad idea because people could sort of "crack the code" and never have to get to the beach to know what it'd be like given certain conditions, but if somebody is that uncommitted and lazy about surfing, they probably wouldn't do the work to figure it all out anyway...

    What's everybody think? Do you keep a log of this sort of info?
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