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    Good Shop Selection for Suits in NJ?

    Can anyone here recommend any shops in NJ that have a good wetsuit selection? This will be my first winter surfing all the way through, and am looking to pick up a hooded 5/4/3 sometime this month. I've got an Xcel 4/3 that fits pretty well that I bought of the interwebs (Whiskey!), but since the 5/4 is going to be a significant amount of cash, I really want to be able to try on a few different models and see what is really comfortable.

    I'm in Philly, but get down to the coast 1-2 times per week and would be willing to travel to find somewhere with a good selection in stock. Any recommendations or help would be great.


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    Brave in Pt has an awesome selection to try stuff on. You can always price shop after that. I bought my E bomb there, but my buddy got the same suit $40 cheaper at O-hut.

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    Thanks, thats the second recommendation I got for that place...I'll have to check that one out. Someone else recommended K-Coast in OCMD, I've been there before, but thats a little bit of a hike.

    Anyone else got any recommendations in NJ?

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    I second Brave- last time I was in K-coast, they had about the same size selection- both bigger sized selections compared to other shops in the area. Certain shops only carry certain brands- but a shop down the road will have another brand. So if your looking for quicksilver- brave might not have it, but squan would... If you have a 4/3 already- it maybe worth it to get a 6/5/4 for the extra warmth- i never noticed a weight difference or any maneuverability issues compared to a 5/4 with the newer suits. its only warmer=extra hours in the water.

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    brave for sure. helpful staff and huge selection

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    If you go to South Jersey, Heritage has a good selection. stores in margate, oc, and sea isle. I think theres a sale there this weekend, i think.

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    Spellbinders in Allenhurst has a pretty good selection. The owner is always there and he is super helpful.

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    Thanks for all the replies, super helpful. Looks like a few daytrips are in order!

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    Brave has lots of suits in stock, check out Eastern Lines and Spellbinders too. All have a good selection.
    We have a couple used suits in good condition at the shop for sale for cheap. Guys are trading their used suits and boards for discounts on shaping supplies lately...

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    wow Greenlight! Didn't realize you guys take trade ins! Sweet! I'm going to come in there with like 5 beaters and try to get a blank...

    Check out Inlet Outlet in Squan. A couple others in the area are 3rd Ave suf shop is Spring Lad and Barewires in Spring Lake.

    Check Craigslist too bro especially if you know your size. I scored a 5/4/3 Quiksilver cypher last year brand new with tags still on it for 2 bills.
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