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Thread: camcorders

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    Unfortunately Good AND Cheap rarely fall into the same category. From what I read and from what I see higher end DSLR cameras have stunning video quality and being able to use your lenses allows you to get great depth of field in your video without having to spend very big bucks on a pro level video camera. Th 5D takes fantastic video and I believe there was a major television show that shot an entire episode using a Cannon DSLR. I forget the name but it was on par with an ER or Law and Order level show I believe.

    If you are hoping to get quality video qith a point and shoot you will be disappointed. And the comment about digital zoom is 100% correct. Digital zoom in my opinion is pointless.

    You could always go with a midlevel DSLR that has video like a D5000. That takes HD video however when you thrown on a couple decent lenses you are still in the $1000 ballpark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    No problema, just sharing my experience in the field. Wouldn't it be nice if politicians could be as willing to help without anything in return being necessary? Good luck with getting your camera sold. E-bay has one currently @ $406, but not with the extra import camcorder with it. I've found that logging footage with a Canon ZR-800 is a LOT less problematic than it was with the GL-2. Did you find likewise?
    I went to best buy and bought a cheap sony mini dv , I have to look when I get home to get the exact model, and it works perfect. I found that I couldnt capture with a Cannon because of the firewire using the same bus as my external drive? ...or something like that. and I didnt want to capture on the system drive.
    A friend also said there is still a market for the GL2 with the open access channels, and with all of the extras i have, case, batteries, capture cam, etc...I should get what I'm asking.
    I'm leaving for PR tomorrow with my contour, and hope to get lots of great footage !
    Thanks again ,MD !

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    I've been using a Panasonic GS500 that records on mini dv tapes and it's still going strong since 2006. But mini dv tapes are getting harder to come by (used to sell them at the local Costco for a decent price), and I recently spent like $25 for 6 tapes. I know you can re-use them, but I don't re-record on them. Hard to justify getting a new camcorder when the one you got is working fine, but the money I'm buying for tapes could be used for a high def camcorder. Been researching the Panasonic HDC-TM900K that can shoot 1080 60 progressive and shoot decent stills as well as capture images while recording. Read some complaints about audio noise when perfectly quiet, but for the beach I don't think it's an issue, especially if your editing the footage later with music. But then I got to hold a Canon t3i last week that an uncle just got, and saw that it can capture at a setting of 720p 60 frames per second (yes, not 1080 at 60fps, but still good), which is the setting i use with my go pro on the 9'0". I've generally been happy with the way my Panasonic has held up if your on a budget under a grand, but if you got the cash, it sounds like the higher end Canons are the way to go. Good luck.


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    totaly agree with a dslr for video. and for less than the t3i you can get the older one, the t2i, 720p video@60fps . just got one a while ago and its awesome aand i got the camera a 18-55mm lens a 55-250mm lens a 8gb disk and a bag all for $799 from costco. highly recomended. its also an 18mega pixel camera and can shoot 3.7fps(not alot but good to start with) awesome camera

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    some of you really seem to know what you're talking about, so correct me if I'm wrong here...

    wouldn't a compact interchangable lens camera (i.e. sony nex3 or panasonic gf3) be a better option than a low-end DSLR if the OP wants to do video? I would figure that for tracking someone surfing, the auto-focusing on one of those would work better.

    To the OP... you might also want to dive into your camera settings and make sure you're using what you have in the best way. In particular, how you tell the camera to focus can make a huge difference.