So there was a decent little swell like 4 weeks ago with clean stomach high surf, for one day, other than that I have seen nothing over waist high since! I would take waist high and fun at this point. Its been crap windswell leftovers or ankel to knee crap in VB for awhile now. I havent even seen decent surf south forcasted in forever. What happened to the winter swell, last year we had some great december and January swells and the way the forecast looks most of Januaury is going to go by without a decent day!!!!
I am just venting of course becuase I am loosing my mind. I havent surfed in a month, granted that happens in July but not the winter. I havent surfed since I needed gloves, its been that damn long. Granted I can't get on it whenver (career/family) but i usually make a point when we have waves to find a way to sget some of the swell, it just hasn't been there.

I have seen where the Jersey boys are getting waves but its been absolute crap here.