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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Gnarkill View Post
    in the exact same boat as bushwood. just got a brand new carver. check out the demo boards at wrv. next best thing during these vb falt spells.
    Cant wait to pick one up, sure its flat, but its warmer air than usual so I will just pretend I'm surfing when Im riding the concrete.

    Also, any of you ever noticed a pattern that whenever we get a mild winter, a much more active hurricane season follows? Just from what ive seen in the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Fun sesh this morning on the fish with nobody out... Mr. Swellinfo nailed it... clean and waist high.
    Ditto to this in the afternoon. Found a nice bar to myself on the incoming with fun belly high waves. Cant beat 60 degree air temps in Jan.

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    It's to the point where Im questioning why I live where I do. Seriously thinking about relocating for some more consistency. 1-3ft just ain't gonna cut it for me, not even worth the suit-up.

    Downside to 60 degree air temps and stable pressure is that we do not have the storms rolling through to kick up some surf.

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    i moved away from the area after the last good run of swell (how many months ago?), and now the ocean is protesting my absence. My bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    i moved away from the area after the last good run of swell (how many months ago?), and now the ocean is protesting my absence. My bad.
    D@mn You Epide..... Now since you have calimed this flat spell as your fault go burn a board for us...... its your fault after all so its up to you do sacrfice a board from your quiver. Let me know when have completed your sacrifice so i dust off my gear and boards, it has been a month since I have surfed!

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    I surfed last saturday, but it was so small it was frustrating. Ponce inlet was okay, their where some sets comming in breaking on the normal sandbar but they where to inconstant to paddle out for

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    Purty fun this morning at VB. The offshores were not that strong, woulda stayed longer but duty calls. Hope ya'll got some

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    real victory at sea BS today. it wasn't so bad earlier in the morning. 4/3 with a hood was good for me. maybe if the air was 30 degrees i could went with more rubber.

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    Never really cleaned up here. I'm sure it was breaking better elsewhere, but locally?... not so much. By the time I got out of work it was dead low, no wind, solid overhead sets, but really dumpy and sectiony... the East mixed in was kinda messing with it. Most beaches empty for good reason. I'll confess... I passed.

    Anybody get some good ones? Got pics???

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    Just bought this...

    should solve the 1-2 foot slop problem