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    Would this size Fish work for me?

    Im looking to buy a Fishcuit At 6'0'' 20 1/4'' 2 5/8''I weigh 155 & im 5'9 ,Or like instead of the a Fish i would a Rocket fish work out? maybe If you can help thanks (:

    Edit: Im going to try with a "5'10" " 20 1\4" & "2 / 58 "
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    The Fishcuit packs a ton of foam. That would be a boat for you, in my opinion.

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    Yeah pkovo is totally right. That board is so thick and chunky so it floats really well. Honestly a 5'5" or maybe a 5'6" would be perfectly fine. I mean I'm the same build and my Shortboard isn't even 6'0"

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    So maybe instead, 5'11'' 20 1/4'' 2 5/8'

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    This is my first fish that im buying. I rode one and i loved it, the take off was super easy & fast. so I would be good on a 5'9?

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    fishcuits have a TON of volume, and they are very chunky...i would reccomend much smaller same dims either shorter or not quite as thick...

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    If looking for a real small wave destroyer, I would highly reccomend the lost plank...

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    throws tail and carves full round houses in literally 1 foot waves not "one foot" I mean literally 12 inch waves and it floats like a cork

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    VERY light also, handles just like a performance shortboard (this one is 5'10 x 21 x 2.5)

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    Im 5'9 150 and i ride a 5'10 fishcuit that i love. It takes a while to get the duck dive down on it. You have to start pushing it under earlier then really smash the tail down hard. You then come flying up like a submarine in the movies haha. Besides that though, I can catch anything with it. And it planes to skip flat sections really well. Once you get it dialed in after a few months it becomes magic.