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    Cool Rookie looking for Input

    Hello everyone,

    I just picked up a Shane Smith surf board. The dimensions are 6'7", 14 3/4", 20 1/2", 16 5/8", 2 3/8". I payed 50 bucks for it and it seems likes its in good shape. Needs a minor repair on the bottom of the tail though as it looks like someone rested it on concrete too much.

    I'm new to surfing but not new to board sports. I skateboarded my whole life and became pretty good. I'm in decent shape. I'm 5'11" and weigh 195lbs (mostly muscle). I just ordered a Hyperflex 4/3 amp wetsuit for 125 on amazon. Its blue/silver but cost half the price of the black ones so whatever I'm not making a fashion statement. I ordered a body glove hoodie too. All I should need now is booties and gloves.

    What do you guys think? Will this setup work for me? I'm eager to get out there. Here are some pics of the board. I will be surfing Southern Maine area.

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    The board seems on the small side to learn on but you should be fine.the 4/3 won't work in the middle of winter,you need atleast a 5/ will need 5m gloves and 7m boots..

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    Yea I just gotta get out there and try it out. I feel pretty confident in this board when I stand next to it. Seems like its on the thicker side. I didn't want a long board. I believe this is an egg? When the air temp gets above freezing and we have some waves, I'm gonna try it out.

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    it should work fine but will take lots of effort. learning to surf is no joke and takes a lot of practice. Definetly be on the thicker side with your wetsuits boots and gloves for winter. you can never be too warm in the winter.

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    Def. will put a lot of effort in. Thanks for the input guys. I'm gonna get some 5m gloves and 7m booties like surfislife said.

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    4/3 will be daaamn cold on days like today...6 degrees here in MA. No waves but kinda happy about that since I would probably be out there freezing my face off. But yea, you will probably be able to get out there for at least and hour or so when you get a day in the 40's. Just keep moving around to stay warm.

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    Looks like a pretty decent begginner stick to me. Just keep paddling out bro. Its gonna be 3 or 4 months of lookin like a total douche out there. Your not going to have fun. We will laugh at you. We'll call you a kook, a poser, and drop in on you every chance we get. Get used to it. Its the price of admission. Trust me, its worth it.

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    I think, for your weight this board is too short for you. There are more to the surfing than just balancing on a board. Like idsmashh said you are not going to have fun for a very long time.

    If you want more pleasant experience then get at least 9' soft board and learn how to catch waves and just how to be in the ocean. And then ease into shorter boards...

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    Layer up, with a rash guard. I surfed with a 4/3 all winter 2 or 3 years ago. If you go a lot and are as stubborn as I am you'll be standing up within two weeks. I learned on a skinny 6'2" but I'm a lot smaller than you (5'6" 150lbs). Good luck

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    I knew I didn't want a long board. Just seemed kinda limiting. This board seems good. I know surfing isnt just balancing on a board. The hard part for me will be to catch a wave and get into stance position. Once I get that dialed I'll be fine.