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    How to dry booties and gloves?

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the surf scene. This is my first winter surfing. How do you all get your booties and gloves dry? The booties seem especially difficult. I hang them upside down, but the soles will still be damp even after ~4 days. I've got the 4/3 Oneill Psycho ones. They are starting to smell pretty funky in there. Gloves have also been a bit difficult, mostly in the finger area. Do you turn them inside out? Thanks for the help

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    The short of it? They won't dry til spring.

    And they will stink.

    Embrace it. Don't fight it.

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    haha yea the stink will always be there man. I advise rinsing them off after every session and let them air dry during the day. usually takes care of the smell. at night, bring them inside and let the dry air dry them out

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    Works like a champ, and little or no stink whatsoever.
    I've been drying them this way for the past five years and they're as supple as ever. It's a very low-temp drying process, it takes about 2.5 hours to do the job thoroughly. Way better than the stink to be sure. Plus, if you don't want any heat, a simple switch right below the self-shut-off timer turns the heat on or off. Better yet, it's only
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    ive put newspaper or hand towels in my booties and gloves. the newspaper i have learned helps alot with the smell that comes from the booties.

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    I might be wrong but anything that dries them out forcefully (i.e. blowdryer or what have you) is going to dry the neoprene out too quickly and cause it to become brittle. At least in my experience, it's best to live with da funk (at least rinse thoroughly though). If someone asks you to smell your wetsuit boots and gloves, they deserve a foul experience.

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    Let them hang upside down for on hour so that the excess water drains out then put them upside down over the heat vent overnight.that's what I've been doing for years,and have no problem with the neoprene.

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    Second the paper towels, newspaper, or towel approach. Inside out works well, but it will lead to the seams separating over time. All you have to do is take a dishtowel, roll it up, and jam it inside the glove or bootie. Take it out in 1-2 days, and they are completely dry.

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    yeah man them booties stink real bad after a while. I like to turn them inside out and just make sure yall dont put soap in them thinkin it will get rid of the stink it ruins yo booties. A brotha I knew did that and it ate away at da neoprene

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    Dryer sheets, bounce or whatever.

    And the boot dryer can't have a fan, as long as the air just heats up they dry nice and the boots stay intact without damage.