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Thread: Barrel

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    This is definitely a pretty enlightening thread. For a while now I've been reading about guys on this forum saying they were "getting barrelled all day" after a session, but now I know that the word "barrelled" is being used pretty loosely 'round these parts. In my opinion, a little cover-up or "shack," as I sometimes call it, is not a barrel.

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    Good Lord people.......A cover up is more of a quick disapearance from sight. It doesn't even have to be that hollow of a section. Some semi-hollow section that you squeeze into and disappear from sight is a cover up. Or a real quick disappearance under a hollow section. Real quick.

    If you are watching the lip hit the flats in front of are barreled. As long as you look over your inside shoulder and see the lip throwing infront of you, you claim that bub.

    But.....if you think you were tubed then you were tubed, It doesn't matter if it fits someone else's criteria. You just have to be encased dudes......If you're stoked that's all that matters. Yeah there's a difference between a waist high bub at 57 St, a head high S-Turn bowl and 12 foot Pipe, but it's all barrels. Just like a two inch *****, a six inch ***** and a ten inch ***** are all peni. It's all relative. Just dig the vibes children.

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    Rodanthe Pier N.C. in the late 90's. Best barrel of my life.
    On some days here on the south treasure coast you might get out of one or two..but mostly Im charging into closeouts..which can be fun each their own..