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    May 2006
    b more
    32yrs 6'2" 175lb-ish
    6'1"x 21x2.5" RNF 3 fin
    6'8 x193/4x 25/8 thruster Wynn

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    6.2, 175, 38 years on this planet

    current quiver =
    5.4 sweet potato
    5.8 bing mini simm
    6.0 twin keel fish
    6.0 hpsb
    6.3 step up
    6.6 cambell bonzer
    6.10 dusty rhodes (from 69)
    9.4 webber performer

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    Too small for an elephant X too big for an ant.
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    Mar 2010
    bolsa chica SB, Huntington Beach,CA

    all aquiver.....

    49, 5'11", 172-177, depending on doughnut consumption

    9'4" weber performance board
    9'8" bruce jones "classic" noserider
    working on 6' becker

    and my go-to
    45" empire "nick o" sponge (it's BLUE!!!)
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    6'0 tall 190ish pounds, 26 years young

    my dims are 6'4x20x2.5

    The quiver:

    2 x above (one is pretty flat, one has a little more rocker) I ride them in almost any conditions.
    5'10x21x2.25 M Rowe round nose quad fish (small days)
    6'6x19.75x2.5 round pin single fin
    6'10 WRV eggy funboard thing (more fun than you might think)
    7'6 CI pin tail (this was a gift but I do take her out when things get hairy)

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    5'10 x 205 x 34

    Have too many boards, if that's possible, but right now find I'm only using the:

    6' twin fin
    6'2 RNF
    6'5 hpsb
    6'8 single fin
    9'10 longboard
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    I haven't posted in the forum for a while, but I think this thread could be helpful.

    I'm 5'7" and weigh about 135(summer)-140(winter+wetsuit) lbs... 17yrs of age, so paddling doesn't govern my board size yet.

    Right now I only have two boards that are really dialed in to my size:
    5'9 (18.15 x 2.15) Sharpeye Sb-10 -HP shortboard, and it's a thumbtail so it has a teeny bit more hold than a squash. This is my east-coast "good wave" board.

    5'5 (19 x 2.25) Sharpeye Disco -pretty much my go-to board for WB. Most fun you can ever have on small, pockety waves and allows you to surf them the way you want them. When the waves are chest high and starting to barrel, I'll switch to my Sb-10.

    I really want to fill in the gap b/w those two boards ^. Something for when it's like chest - shoulder high, but super rippable an forgiving.

    I also have a 5'3" self-shaped mini-simmons-shape, and that's really fun on glassy, walled-up days, as long as it's not too steep, but I haven't ridden it anything over maybe chest high. The problem is I think it has little bit too much volume for me. Honestly it could be like 4'8", but I guess it wouldn't be so easy to catch waves then...

    I also have an old, old Rusty Piranha that used to sit in my ceramics class. The tail was gouged out but that was only thing that was wrong, so I just chopped 5 inches off and now it's a 5'3 1/2" twin-keel nugget rocket haha. Only tried it in knee-high surf and I'm itching to try it in better waves.

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    Crystal Coast,N.C.
    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    are wrv boards any good? seems like they produce so many aimed towards the tourists that flock down here. I see so many people with wrv stickers, foam racks, boards, accessories out the wazoo. I haven't seen any that I was like "wow that looks like a lot of fun to ride." anyone have some good experience with them?

    In my opinion the best WRVs were shaped by Tommy Moore who now shapes for Lost in Cali and has his own brand as well. I had a quad rocket fish he made me and it was a sweet ridin stick!

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    Dec 2008
    South Jersey
    6'2 195lbs

    5'10 Quad fish
    6'2 T.Patterson x-file diamond squash thruster
    6'4 WRV Quad

    Personally I've had a good and bad experience with WRV. I bought the mentioned 6'4 quad off the rack just wanting to try out a quad. So I get the board and take it out on a clean waist to stomach high day. After about my 10th wave on the thing I noticed that the was a 6 inch crack running along the stringer on the deck. So I end up taking it back to the shop and talking to the employees there about it. I bring the board in so they can see it. After looking at it and explaining to the that I only rode a few waves on it they call up WRV and tell them whats up. so the guy at the shop pulls out a custom board order form and ask if id like to change anything about the board. So I told him that I wanted to take the thickness down a little and some other things. So i ended up getting hooked up with a custom board which I thought was pretty damn cool of them to do!

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    Feb 2011
    Wilmington, NC
    6'3" 175-185 lbs 29 y/o

    5'8" CI Dumpster Diver - my go to for thigh-chest/shoulder
    5'8" Lost RNF - grovel on knee-thigh
    6'3" Jimmy Keith - shoulder+ and super clean (at 18.75" it's super narrow for my height but super fun and fast when its bigger and offshore)