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Thread: drunk

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    Absolutely the best cure for a hangover, but the water has to be COLD.

    Last time I surfed with a beer buzz, ended up doing cartwheels over the jetty.
    Full suit saved my butt!

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    I find that surfing with a buzz is similar to other things like golf, billiard games, etc. Between 1-3 beers my performance improves, after that it tapers off pretty quickly.

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    i dont always get hungover and surf, but when i do, i smoke a **** load of whacky tobacky and it always helps with surfing hungover

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    surfing is the ultimate hangover killer

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    i only paddle out after drinking a case to myself, puts me on slater's level

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    Quote Originally Posted by kielsun View Post
    Surfing with a hangover doesn't sound fun at all. Surfing drunk sounds like a pretty dangerous move if you ask me. The ocean doesn't take kindly to overconfidence.
    a voice of reason!

    going into the water under the influence= severe dumbass attack

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    Atlantic City bender til 530am. Got the call around 730, @ the beach by 8.(I needed a ride, to drunk to drive) Late summer, decent swell, surfing NC ave. took a left towards the bulkhead, thought I kicked out in time and got cheese grated on the bulkhead. Session over.
    Solid late summer swell in AC. Raging house party the night before. Thought I could pull off a session, instead I had to pull out my contacts because I was soooo ripped. Layed on the beach and slept. Bros scored fun chest-head high clean surf.
    Costa Rica '09, went out pickin mushrooms for my birthday. Scored big time and ate a bunch. Later in the day, surfed just south of Playa Grade. 6 friends, no crowd, good head high waves......could have been the most I have ever laughed. Face was sore from smiling the next day.

    Moral of the story, eat mushrooms, dont drink too much. hahaha

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    I don't care what kinda buzz you have (pot or alcohol) cold water will wash it away

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    Surfing with a jug of Jack Daniels on the beach. Now we are talking! Tubes and Whiskey! Best combo