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Thread: OCMD, Jan 2010

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    do you ever submit your photos to esm, stabmag, transworld, surfing, or surfer?? im sure esm would have run some of your shots. you have quality equipment and your water shots are good...maybe you just need to show your photos to the right people

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    Did you take him to court over using your photo without permission? if you didnt than copy laws dont matter in this case.

    nevertheless its a sick picture

    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    The key is to post only low res images so they can see, but not likely pilfer high res. Online can make a 72dpi image look decent, but if you try to take that 72dpi image and enlarge it for printing, it looks like crap. If I'm posting online I re-size the image smaller, drop the dpi to 72, and save the new file as a reference file copy by adding an "a" to the end of the file number. Thus, _DSC1191.jpg, becomes _DSC1191a.jpg and they stand side by side in your original folder. It's easy enough for you to remember which is the high res, and which is the low res. And if you'll message me your home address, I still owe you $15 for the high res image you sent me at Christmas. You do some nice work and I apologize for suspecting that "SC" was not the same person as "xgen70," but I too value intellectual and creative property rights, and you're entitled to yours.

    I can fully empathize with your concern about others using your images without permission or compensation. Not long after I posted this image that I took of Drex Harrington
    imagine my surprise when I saw it being used to solicit advertisers for Swell Info by none other than Micah, and I never got so much as a "Would you mind if I used this?" If he had asked, I probably would have said yes and been flattered, but there's something flat out wrong about not even asking. I sent him a note and have heard nothing in return, and that shot was taken in 2007 during Hurricane Noel. Copyright laws matter, in spite of, and maybe even because of, the internet.

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    speaking Hey Mitchell, how much did you pay/say.. Shawn for this picture from 2006? I mean My picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xgen70 View Post
    speaking Hey Mitchell, how much did you pay/say.. Shawn for this picture from 2006? I mean My picture.

    That's a picture i like a lot, and i appreciate your shooting it. I paid for the hi-res image through using Pay Pal. I assumed if the picture was posted on that website and i went through the website administrator to buy it, then it was all good. I dont recall the was several years ago...and dont want to air this out on a public message board.

    Wow...look at the Gateway Grand...just getting started.

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    agreed,..not trying to stir crap up. what is done is done. i do laugh when i think about it though. good thing i just laughed about it back then as well...

    i to really like that picture. it does not even have the crane in the back ground. not to many of those pictures floating around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchell View Post

    Wow...look at the Gateway Grand...just getting started.
    No gateway grand reminds me of when 48th was a thin beach, one of the less populated areas in OC. Plus Wietzles (I think thats how you spell it) was there for some good food afterwards... makes me wish I could be 10 again

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    everybody knows - if someone else posts your stuff without your permission, than it's theft! but if you voluntarily post it online, it belongs to anyone who wants it! You made it public!

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    Salty is wrong. everybody knows...

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