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    Want to learn Windsurfing

    I had been wanting to learn Kiteboarding for a while (actually tried taking a class once but they sorta screwed me over) but the more I look into it the more I'm inclined to learn Windsurfing instead.

    Is there anywhere in Daytona, New Smyrna, or Cocoa you all recommend to take a class at for Windsurfing? I know Kiteboarding in the immediate would get me up and going quicker since even with less wind the kite being so high up can get into the current but is it possible to Windsurf on the Atlantic coast? I read that some people do it on the Gulf coast and the Keys but haven't been able to find much about the Atlantic side here in Florida.


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    You can do it wherever there's wind and water. I don't know anything about schools, but definitely give it a shot even if you can't find one. It's best to try to learn on a very calm day, one where flags are just barely flapping around. Literally a breath of wind will power those things if the board has a bit of buoyancy. Be prepared to get a bit of an upper body workout from lifting that mast out of the water a bunch of times the first few times though. I'm very much still a novice myself at windsurfing, but I have found that it's definitely a fun thing to fool around with when it's flat.

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    Kiting Rules.... Although can be dangerous

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    Owwww this is not a easy to wind surfing because if you say that you want to learn ocean surfing and Kayaking then it si posssible but wind surfing is very dangerous and difficult i think yo ushould joined a good and best community where you can learn this in a good way of guideness then try for this otherwisw avoid this..

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    Calema Watersports:

    On Merrit Island, which is near the places you mention on the east coast of Florida. They have rentals and lessons on the bay/river side so it is easier to learn than on the ocean. Then when you get good, you can head to the ocean and the swells.

    Windsurfing is a little more difficult than kiting, but it is less dangerous.