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    looking for longboard

    Okay just trying to get in contact or some information on getting a log. Kinda looking for it to be around max $700. Looking for something i can up on the nose but also turns pretty quickly. Just seeing if anyone knows any good longboard shapers in south jersey or a shop that i can get a good deal on one. Also if anyone may have a used board i would be interested looking for something in the 9 - 9'6 range

    Thanks a lot

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    9' Chris Jones for Sale

    I live in SC but travel to NC all the time. I am looking to sell this board for $650. It is not even a year old. Really good condition. Only ridden a couple of times. chris jones.jpgchris jones.jpg

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    I have a 9'6" Matador Squid for $450.00
    A 9'6" Meyerhoffer for 500.00
    A 10' Takayama Noserider for 550.00

    I am near LBI.

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    I've got a Tyler Wingnose in the 9.8 range for about 700.
    Great shape, good on the nose and FAST!

    I'm in South Jersey between Philly and AC

    If you're looking for a new board, you'll have a hard time finding a shaper to do a board for 700.

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    I have a 9"2" Robert August Wingnut II model. Just took these pics b4 dark. Really don't want to let her go but I need $$ for boat engine repair. $450. I live in Marmora, X 25. You can come look @ it tonite if U want to. Thank you.
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    Test to reply...

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    thanks everyone for the quick responses i will pm you if interested.