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    Best Mellow Place for a Beginner into Intermediate

    For April -May 15th I can live anywhere and I want to take up surfing. What would you guys recommend considering the following:

    1. I'll be able to surf every day so I really want to minimize the number of consecutive days without decent waves.

    2. I really don't want to have to drive all over; I'd like to be able to walk to the beach and then no more than a couple miles up or down the coast.

    3. I'm a fast learner when it comes to these things so a place where an intermediate would be satisfied with.

    4. I kind of gather that the surfing culture can be a little more ****ish than the skiing and dhmtb cultures that I'm used to so definitely a place that isn't notorious for that. And not too incredibly busy on weekdays at least.

    5. I'm not stuck on Florida, I'll go anywhere but when I used to do triathlons I always had a hard time with cold water so probably not CA in April.

    I know that's a lot but I'm a pretty analytical guy. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Florida can be kinda inconsistent. If you're looking at continental US, CA would be a much better choice for consistent surf IMO. It definitely is localized in places, but many of those are places you will want to avoid as a beginner. Do your homework on spots, understand the etiquette, etc.

    If you are not limited to the US, I definitely think you should check out Costa Rica. Lots of warm water breaks that are great for beginners.

    Re: cold water, have you worn a modern wetsuit? With the right suit, cold water is not that big of a deal (and trust me, I am a real wuss about cold water).

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    DMCO for sure

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    what's "DMCO"?

    Thanks tonylamont that helps. Yeah, I had a wetsuit for triathlons and I still couldn't handle cold water but then again I had to put my face underwater for that...

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    What is the "dhmtb" culture?

    And I would def check out Hawaii if I was you

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    How about Lake Michigan or the Mississippi River or South Bill Jetty's Kiddie Pool!!!

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    PR rocks

    PR can satisfy all your requirements check out #214129 I own it rent it for cheap and it includes surfboards best deal on the island

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    Quote Originally Posted by neptunehui View Post
    PR can satisfy all your requirements check out #214129 I own it rent it for cheap and it includes surfboards best deal on the island
    Nice! I PM'd you for more info...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbs05c View Post
    What is the "dhmtb" culture?
    dhmtb - down hill mountain biking

    SoCal, def. not anywhere on the east coast, this is just misery I'm going through.

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    Costa has some friendly waves and some advanced ones too. Hawaii is for advanced surfers period (except Waikiki).

    ps. dhmtb,imo,dmco; I have no clue what your abbreviating because I'm dumb.