This morningís 6am forecast update says 1ft or 1.3@7 (ankle high). The 44065 buoy is showing 3.3@12 at 6am (chest-head, I checked it). All of the buoys off the NE coast are showing considerably more swell then forecasted. Why would you say 1.3@7 when at the very same moment (6am) it was 3.3@12? Thatís like me trying to convince you a red car is blue while youíre looking at it. Did a computer spit that forecast out? Why wouldnít you adjust the error (damage control)?
I know itís free, not easy, a fluid science, I don't have to look, and so on. Swell Info does a great job and is my top pick for surf forecasting. I just want to know if this issue can be fixed or adjusted. Maybe SI is working on it already? I don't know, just my 2 cents. Hope ya'll got a few waves yesterday, I did!