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Thread: Panama

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    My dear wife is planning our summer vacation and is looking at all-inclusive resorts on Panama's Pacific side. She is looking at the Playa Blanca area which is a couple hours west of Panama City. Anybody been down there and surfed? Any thoughts and words of advice are more than welcome!


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    my buddy has been there for a month and has been amping out of his mind. sounds like a lot of lefts

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    Could be sweet...

    Unfortunately, you are about 5 hours from Santa Catalina and further than that from Morro Negrito. However, try this link to find something closer to Playa Blanca:

    Best of luck. Summer should light up some of the breaks closest to you!

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    I just posted a thread/review on Morro Negrito, highly recomend it.

    Santa Catalina is supposed to be great wave but super crowded. I hear the beachtowns around Pedasi have good uncrowded surf but if your wife is the adventurous type go to Morro Negrito for sure

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    Here are a handful of Places to stay and surf in Panama.

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    Santa Crowdalina is a zoo but the town is cool and there are 2 waves in 45 minute walking distance. 1 north and 1 south. usually empty or only a few guys on it. obviously not as good but still fun. or you can get a boat and go out to some other spots. dont know much about playa blanca. my buddy said playa veneo can get fun, not sure if thats near there or not. and heard morro negrito is fun