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    hight, Does it really matter?

    im 20, 6'4" tall 155 lbs on a heavy day. I feel like my boards are too floatly, the board i ride mostly is my 5'10 CI neckbeard. i feel like i could ride a 5'6 all day, but would that just not feel right under my feet with me being 6'4" and all? even my standard short board i shaped for my self thats 6'4" x 2 1/4" thick feels too floaty. I no i should most likey post this on swaylocks... but wtf

    also i relocated to naples Fl for the winter (school) and the gulf gets some nice sets, weird as sh!t but i love it.

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    6'4" and 155, that's skinny man! I would say try out some shorter boards and see if you like them, maybe get something off of craigslist or a used board rack somewhere that way you can try some different shapes. You are very light for your height so I can see why you feel like your current boards have to much volume for your weight.

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    If you arent the size of a "normal surfer" ie 510 and 150lbs. i have found it's hard to buy "off the rack" surfboards.

    Like the above stated buy some used boards and find out what fits you best. I did this and now i know what the ideal board is for myself. I have many time bought a board of CL for $250 rode it for 3, 4, 5 months only to find out its not exactly what i wanted and sold it for no lose or for like 25bucks less. You cant do that when buying a new $600+ board "off the rack". You lose to much money. But you need to take care of the board you buy too, in order to maintain its value.

    Im 6'0 and 175-180lbs. I find that If i want an SHSB i need to go in the 6'2" range. I like my boards around 6'0" so now i go custom and get exactly what i want, but i wouldnt have discovered this without dabbling in the used market and taking advantage of people who by new boards only not to like them (i am guilty of doing this too).

    good luck, have fun, ride lots of boards if you have the means (waves+little $+skill)

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    Height really has no place in surfboad construction in my opinion. im 6'5 190 and ride a 5'5".. as well as a 10' nose rider and everything in between. Height contributes to your center of gravity. Weight, plays much more of a roll with your cubic liters of bouncy. Actually i believe shoe size is more important than height. but im sure their are hundred of opinions. just my .02

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    Height only matters in terms of foot placement... If you're long-legged, and have a wide stance, you might feel uncomfortable on a very short board. The obvious next question is, what don't you like about the float?

    Take a look at the pressure dents ("foot wells") on the deck of your current board, and transpose that onto a 5'6. Will it work for you? If not... will you feel comfortable moving your feet closer together?

    If you like the length you're riding, just go thinner to reduce buoyancy. A 5'10 Neckbeard is about 2 1/2 thick. You could easily drop that down 1/8 or 1/4 at 155lbs.

    IMO, people get caught up in length too much. Seems like a lot of guys think, "better surfers ride shorter boards." But that's only true up to a point. Kinda goes along with, "if I'm not sinking down to my armpits I'm a kook." Shortening length by two inches matters sooo much less than 1/8 of thickness and a more delicate foil.
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    I am 6'3 205-210lb and ride a 5'10 20.25 2 3/8 and for a big wave day a 6'2 18.75 2 3/8... I did try my buddies 5'6 CI fish at one point for like 5 mins and almost got up on it in knee high but it felt like a boogie board for my size.

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    I am 6'3 205-210lb and ride a 5'10 20.25 2 3/8 and for a big wave day a 6'2 18.75 2 3/8... I did try my buddies 5'6 CI fish at one point for like 5 mins and almost got up on it in knee high but it felt like a boogie board for my size.
    jeeze.. man Im 6'2" 205 (210 to 195 during the year) and I cant really surf anything smaller then 7foot now a days.
    My 6'6" goes unridden.

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    Height matters. Weight matters more in my opinion, but height effects foot placement and Leverage.

    I think you'll have to really search to find an ideal shape off the rack. I'm the other end of the spectrum at 5'11 220lbs with short legs but have the same problem. The board I ride the most is 5'11. Custom so the right amount of foam could be crammed in. Off the rack I can't find anything with the right volume and foot placement....There just isn't a big demand for shortboards for guys my size/shape.

    I'm not one to always say go custom, put unless you bulk up, it's probably your best bet. I miss the days when I was 180 and could always find a board off the rack that would work.

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    To me experience is a tall guys best friend. With good balance and at least an intermediate experience at your weight theres not much you cant ride. Biggest thing is when your tall you have to position yourself way forward on the board when paddleing. so as long as your quick up and have good foot placement dont worry about what people say you should ride. Ride what you can.