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Thread: 03-03-12

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Now THAT was something we can talk about! pumped all day. But, changed throughout... A-frame peaks... spitting barrels... ripable walls... breaking right through the high tide... like two or three different swells in the same day. Amazing. Very happy the size hung in there all day, too.

    Tomorrow's another day...
    True that. I saw spitting barrels in places that rarely spit (at least in my observations over the last 10 years). Unbelievable day. I'll be going easy tonight to stay fresh for the dawn patrol.

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    Nothing like taking cold, fat, heavy lips on the face to let you know you're alive (and no that's not what she said....). Just goes to show that when the calendar turns to March magic can happen. I think we've had two of the best days this year (not counting last Thursday) within the last three. Bring on the spring weather patterns!