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Thread: Lower Back Pain

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    Question Lower Back Pain

    Anyone other surfers suffer from low back pain? This has been an issue for years but recently got to the point where I can't even surf without having an issue. What do you do to treat it? Yoga?<br /><br />I've been surfing all of my life and need to overcome this, I am not ready to give up my shortboarding days.. Thanks for any info.

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    I used to suffer from lower back pain all the time until I guy I met in the gym introduced me to this book. It's called: "The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Life" by Mark Verstegen. I sometimes used to pull my back surfing so bad, I couldn't even walk. After I read this book, and followed all the exercises for lower back, my back is stronger than ever and I very rarely have any issues with my lower back. It's definitely worth checking out, I got it at, I'm sure they still have it. Your shortboarding days have only begun.

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    I don't have lower back pain. I have kneck and shoulder pain from my c6 vert. I found an article on that gave me stretches and and different things to do to help me re align and manage. I don't know if they have anything for you but I would check it out.

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    screwed up my lower back while moving several years back. had pain for several months, iced it, took ibuprofren, did all kinds of stretches and not much helped. then tried yoga and that seemed to do the trick. id say get on some kind of workout routine and include some yoga a couple days a week and see how that works for ya. im pain free. theres all kinds of yoga dvds and free yoga videos on demand that you can do if you dont want to do classes.

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    I had a bad injury last year, and have had lower back pain.
    Its getting better slowly... Just remember, if you have been suffering for this for a while, its not going to get better overnight. Just work on it slowly with proper stretching and try to correct any bad behaviors/postures that caused the problem to begin with. I think Yoga can be good for you.

    For me, I sit in front of a computer a lot and I can have poor posture, which causes neck and back issues. Perhaps there is some habit like that with you that you can work on. Some people never correct their bad habits, and then figure they have to get surgery to fix a problem... Just work on it slowly.

    I think Chiropractors can be beneficial as well to help speed up the recovery. That might also be worth a try.

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    Put the seat up all the way and try to get into both sides of the car. If you can't or there is a lot of pain, it may be a herniated disk (I know not very scientific). Easy stretching, ice, anti-inflamatories, tilt table(hang upsidedown by feet), and avoid what is aggravating the situation. Hate to say, Dr if nothing else works, maybe some steroids will get the swelling back down and you will be able to proceed from there. Good luck.

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    i have a few minor bulging discs in my low back and surfing helps a ton, believe it or not. i think ti's because it forces you to arch your low back when paddling. regardless, the more i surf, the better i feel.

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    I'm 19 and suffer from a disease called disk degenerative disease, I also have arthritis (Great genes, thanks grandma!). Anyway, my back hurts 24/7. The best thing for it, is to not rest. Keep active. I do yoga, I surf, I snowboard, and most importantly I go to the gym and I take "back day" very seriously. I try to stay away from medication and replace it with my activities and tea. A positive mindset is also very powerful. I don't view my disease, actually I dont even view it as a disease thats just lame!, as a gate keeping me from doing things, I view it as a push for me to go big.

    Try a heating pad, sometimes that can help too!

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    Lay on your back and put one leg over the other, stretching your outer thigh muscle that connects to your lower spine. Also, get an inversion table.

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    I was developing more frequent lower back pain, and started high intensity core exercising. I went through a month of more intense back pain, tried to maintain 6 days a week working, and would rest if the pain was too intense or inhibited my movements. Here I am 3 months later with no back pain whatsoever. In my opinion strengthening your core does wonders for relieving pressure on your lower back.