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    New Guy-Help am I a Crack Addicted Alien

    Forgive me now for the long post, some of you will understand.

    I have been on a 20 yr surfing hiatus stuck in upstate NY w/ a bunch of cow tippin hillbillys thanks to my parents who decided to move from S Fla to NY.
    It took me 10 yrs to figure out you could surf anywhere other than Fla/Calf (What an idiot I know) took 10 more years to have time freedom / money to start making roadtrips.
    We (wife incl) like to go to OCMD/Del (Sorry Locals) because after she puts up w/ a session or two I will do the wifey/touristy crap or else this will be a closeout ride. (Some will understand this)
    “To Locals - Thank you for having us in your home”
    I have turned to this forum because I have to surf alone, no longer have a home break and cannot share a great trip w/ anyone, because up here the word “Surfing” is “Taboo” unless you’re a Volcom mall rat wannabee. I have to hide my boards and load truck in the cover of darkness to avoid having to explain surfing to boot wearin, tobacco chewin people who don’t see the sun for 6 months a year, they look at you like you’re a crack addicted alien w/ 3 eyes. (Ex. Try explaining a snowmobile in your garage)
    Anyways I just wanted to throw this out to some people who understand that sanctuary we all go to, being in the water even in crap.
    Thanks for listening now you can tell me to go F&%K off.

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    Hahah Your from new york...where abouts you can always go skimboarding on the rain or the ice if your really from upstate...Looking out of the dorm im seeing some foot and a half of snow. I hear you though everyone doesn't even know what a bodyboard is so i can see the problem you have with the surf boards. You can always ride NSIRI...

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    B 52
    I am SE of lake ontario (Tug Hill/Adk region) and buried in snow too. Gotta get ot of here. Have been by IRI doing the wifey thing the saturday of Noel and was spectating until the police chased all out from stopping on side of road. It was pretty messy but a few brave souls out. You say you see 1.5 feet of snow where is base camp ? Syr, Oswego

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    displaced floridian,

    you must feel like such an outcast coming from florida and moving to the new york country with no coastline in site. dont feel bad about being a touristy surfer in Delmarva, you'd be surprised how many there are.

    While you are pretty far away frome coast, there are plenty of options all within similar distances, whether you hit up Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, etc...
    Hopefully, can help you plan out your trips.

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    Hey thanks for the warm & fuzzys.
    Yeah you are right about being an outcast, people not around the surf community have a Jeff Spicoli stereotype of surfers. In my young days maybe that was true, unfortunately we have to “grow up” but that does not mean we are not supposed to enjoy the water.

    As far as, GREAT SITE, BEST SITE I use, keep it real.

    Back in the day my forecasting skills consisted of looking out window not knowing where, why, how the waves showed up that day. Now w/ a 6 hr drive and skipping out of work to string a long weekend, I am learning to use the data to make decisions, NOT EASY, I have a sincere appreciation for what you do and Thank You. Although ironic, I do agree w/ locals that live cams, surf spot posts etc. can be bad at times, it allows people who don’t care to enjoy with little or no effort.

    Thanks again, keep up the great site I would pass it along but to who ??

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    Yea well i go to school in Oneonta...But spend all summer in Delaware working cause I hate NY so much..Yea thanks Swell Info helped when I would wake up at 5 am to decide if i wanted to ride and saw the reports...Great site thanks for it all