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No kidding 757, our country is a good candidate for a revolution, a peaceful one I hope. Thomas Jefferson was said to believe that the Constitution should be rewritten every generation so that the dead would not govern the living. That might be a good start for our fine nation.

But like you said, who has the attention span and the patience to see that through? Our system needs a tune up before we involve ourselves in the affairs of others. I feel sympathy for Kony's victims, but I just don't know that anything we do will truly make a difference. I think some regions, especially Africa are just prone to corruption.

For example, look at Egypt and Libya. They overthrew their rulers and so far it looks like they jumped out the frying pan in in to the fire. If we helped take down Kony, there is another monster on deck.
This is probably the most intelligent statement made in this entire thread. Thank you Kahuna. I now know someone else share's my beliefs on this matter. The only way this country has a shot of pulling itself out of the mess we are in is isolating ourselves and actually worrying about our own affairs. This country is right on the brink. WE have to power to stop it. I just don't know if we're going to use it.