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    Rodanthe on monday

    do you think i should head down south on monday or would that just be a waste of my time. so really what im asking is how accurate are these charts looking.

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    My roommate won't go surfing anymore unless these forecasting sites show some monster swell with offshore winds. He winds up missing out on a lot of fun days. People should take these forecasts with a grain of salt. Swellinfo is definitely the best and most accurate by far though

    Not sure where i'm going with this......I say if you got the time, give it a shot. Wish i could go. Stupid cold weather and xmas shopping. I hate surfing in the cold.

    just checked frisco, i would go there instead if I were you. You may be sacrificing a little size for some decent conditions. It will be ridable either way, go with the cleaner conditions.
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    obx is looking good right now for monday, but definitely keep on top of the updates...

    if the winds are more SW than anywhere from rodanthe north is good, but if the winds shift more NW, then you prob want to head a little further south for cleanest conditions.