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  1. Joint Pain due to low pressure/ humidity ...

    I was just wondering if anyone else experiences joint pain whenever its moist or rainy ... most of today the pain in my left knee and hip were making it almost unbearable to walk around, but once the front pushed through ... around 830 or so the pain just vanished ... most of the summer I experience the same type of pain and makes doing the easiest tasks difficult .. was just curious if:

    a) anyone else has this pain?
    b) what kind of medicine to take that would relieve the pain?

    Thanks and Stay Above the Weather

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    How old are you?

    Not me, but I'm still a pup at 23... However, have you ever gotten it checked out by an Ortho? Could be bursitis, arthritis, who knows??... aside from consistent exercise (if that even works), most patients get referred to pain management/steroid injections, or get Rx'd pain meds. Usually an "off-the-bat" advice is to take an NSAID (Ibuprofen) if that works...but that's none of my business, just thought I'd throw my 2 cents.

    Don't take what I said about injections too seriously, each case of hip pain/joint pain is different, so yours could be God knows what.
    Good luck with it though.
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    Double or triple down on Omega-3. Fish oil pills, eating fatty fish, peanuts etc. Give yourself a couple weeks with a high O-3 diet and see how you feel. If the pain keeps up, go to a Physical Medicine and Rehab doc (Physiatrist, advanced sports medicine) before you go see an Ortho. Orthos generally just want to cut and slice, they should be a last resort.

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    never knew there was a correlation between humidity and joint pain.. anyone know more about this?

  5. im still a pup as well 26 years young, this problem started like a year or two ago ... recently just started back up but mainly during the summer its unbearable .. I guess ill try going big on the O-3, saw that online while doing some research last night ..

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    torn rotator cuff, blown out both knees, broken hand, broken ulna and radius in wrist, and other dislocations. So it's safe to say I feel your pain.
    There is fluid between your joints (synovial fluid) that actually swells and shrinks with barometric pressure and temp changes. This can cause minor discomfort to extreme agony. Ask your grandpa he'll be able to tell you when it's going to rain by how bad his hip is hurting that day (or how cold it's going to be). omega 3's, fish oils, glucosamine, and grape seed extract are good supplements to use for joint issues (depending on how bad the pain is, a cortozone shot may be in your future). Also, stretching and regular movement of the joint(s) wouldn't be a bad thing.

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    Yes i get it in the winter from changing seasons, as well as rain and moisture. I have arthritis and surgery on my shoulder, so it kills with changing temps and very humid days.

  8. i definitely stretch a lot and am quite active ... I can easily tell when its going to rain haha, the past week and a half or so were quite brutal .. living a stones throw from the beach with the marine layer that blanketed the area really made things ache and throb .. surfed yesterday for about two hours, got home and was not feeling great but as soon as the wind kicked NW and all the rain/clouds bounced I was good as new ... feel perfectly fine right now

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    broke my leg three times, broke my ankel, 6 ribs, colar bone, and my wrist. Torn ligaments in my ankle, knee and hip. i can tell when its going to rain 85% of the time cuz i feel EVERYTHING, and that's no joke. my girlfriend calls me the walking weather station. and thats after only 22 years of living.