I always see folks out there at first street regardless of the conditions. Like, right now. It's 1-3 ft and poor conditions. High tide. 20 knot side shore winds, and there are 3 people "surfing" on the webcam. It made me think... am I just being a spoiled baby about it? Is paddling around in the wind better than not surfing at all? For me 20 knot side shore is a deal breaker even when there IS swell. To me it's like flying a kite in lightening storm- just dumb.

I notice this in the summer especially. I will know damn well that it's flat flat flat but will still see boards on cars and people in the water.

Where are you guys at on this one? Are these guys putting in their time or wasting it? Some of my greatest memories of surfing as a kid I didnt have surfline or anything, I certainly wasn't hovering over a weather radio... But I always had a blast. What have I lost?