Onshore/sideshore, 2-3ft with lots of wind gusts like today in VB, I'll go out if I haven't gone out in more than two weeks. If I have a spell like that I just get in the water anyway just to get it out of my system.

VB is rough man, we miss out on a lot of swell because of where we are and how it faces. The swell window misses out on any of what I call the "in-betweeners" which are the wind swells from the south or southeast that can at least give a ridable and fun surf. I turn to other physical outdoor activities during the down days.

With that said, this area still has a lot of rippers given the inconsistency of swell. Makes me realize how much dedication the young kids who grew up here have, and how they've managed to take their surfing to pretty decent levels in such a wave starved place.