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that product, eh, no thanks.

The topic of using a board bag = barney... i dont know about that one bro. I have like 6 boards and 2 bags. When I am about to strap one on the roof, I usually throw it in the appropriately sized bag as step 1. Why?

I don't have to worry about the straps crushing the rails, the leash blowing all around, it dripping wax onto the roof, other boards dripping / sticking to it, etc.

Also, I feel a lot better if a plain black board bag is sitting top of my car a a shopping center rather than an obviously nice and expensive surfboard.

On the beach, the board bag makes the ultimate platform if you need to change out of your wetsuit or take it off for a few minutes without lining it with sand from your feet. Your girl can throw her towl on top of it and take a nap.

After a session I can throw my stinky boots and wetsuit in the bag with the board instead of in my pretty car.

Hell, i can throw my shotgun in there and wait for some no-bag elitest to call me a barney. I mean, I conveniently brought this 6' long bag to put your body in!!!!

Bags are OK
I'm with Lee on this one. I surf a lot, but I'm a frugal miser. I have friends like Zippy, their boards delam a lot more than mine.....