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what about the alternative? I am pretty new to surfing but try not to be too much of a kook, understanding the lineup, knowing my limitations, setting up on crappier, less crowded points, etc. BUT I would maintain that if I happen to be catching more waves and some "local"/"ripper"/non-kook wants to paddle over to where I am, I am going to give alot less leeway. Case in point: I was surfing in december in Ocean City, NJ around 5th street. Many jetties with multiple peaks, none that great and not many people out. I was well away from a guy and his boogie boarding g/f. I caught a couple but was still trying to get my timing down. Dude paddles aggresively over and clearly intends to cut in front for a wave. I didnt care so i sat up and didnt even paddle for it but he cut so close that he hooked his leash on my foot and wiped. He then launches into the classic "locals rule and yuppy insects should go back to the valley" speech. I had surfed in OC and other places with better surfers than this guy with no problems but found myself being interogated about where I lived since he could walk to the beach.

can some of the folks on here who seem to espouse some of this attitude please explain WTF is up with the locals thing? If I buy a place in OC, do i get to attack the renters?

I want to understand because usually i leave the water with a smile whether i "ripped" or sucked ass. that day I just wanted to pound that dude and didnt enjoy the surfing.

the guy probably wasn't *actually* a local, but someone who was renting a place for the year while in college or had just recently relocated there from someplace inland. there's no way to tell for sure, but unfortunately, that's how oc is.