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Thread: Isurus wetsuits

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    xcel chesty's run about $200-$300 and come in 3 colors and like 4 thicknesses. I've been wearing them for almost a decade and that is only 3 suits. Do math. Why even shop? Want to drop $600 on a wetsuit because some guy gets to wear them for free in your favorite surf video? I'll never understand....

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    I have only been wearing my Isurus suits since November, so I can only really give you a few months of data. But, I have worn the crap out of the I-Soldier 5.4, using it for spearfishing, kiteboarding, surfing, and SUP through the winter. Kiteboarding wipeouts will put a serious beating on your wetsuits, not to mention rubbing the wrecks and reef while spearfishing.

    I am religious about rinsing it with fresh water and hanging it from the waste, but I've seen no tape peeling or seams coming apart. I definitely have stepped on plenty of gravel and pebbles at the boat landing, trying to get the suit off as fast as possible to get warm. The Isurus I-Soldier is still dry as can be in the water; no holes, leaks, or weak spots yet as far as I can tell.

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    Wetsuit companies claim they use certain materials by giving a creative name. Google 100% yamamoto neoprene wetsuit and see what comes up. That should give you an answer on who really uses what. One another thing. there are different dergrees of yamamoto neoprene. Some more fragile than others. Isurus wetsuits are generally well received by there followers.

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    For sure the lightest, most flexible, and warmest suit I've ever had.

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    Ive never had a problem with Buell wetsuits