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Thread: PR secret spot

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    I surfed the San Juan area in December of 1999, and La Ocho (back then everone called it Parada Ocho - Bus Stop #8) was the best spot by far of the two spots I tried out. The other was Airports. It was quite a paddle to make it out to the lineup (several hundred yards), but once I got there it was 6-8 feet the first day and 8-10 the second. The wave was well formed, not too steep, and easy to catch with just about any board. I was riding a 7'2" Frierson shape (sort of a rocket fish) back then and I had a blast. Have a great time!

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    La ocha and other "in town" breaks do their thing very rarely. IF you are lucky enough to catch that good luck navigating the crowd. Mind your own, there are some unsavory characters in old san juan. I'd hate to see a brother get stabbed.

    chattara and surrounding areas (there are dozens of waves near chattara) half hour to the east and if you go west about the same distance check out dorado lots of sketchy shallow reef waves with "teeth" in that area. You will do a lot of driving and probably get lost / vibed / attacked by urchins etc.

    Personally I'd keep an eye on the conditions and take a day trip to rincon or aguadilla when appropriate... That is where you get those perfect blue water reef breaks that make PR the surfing destination it is. Only about 2.5-3 hours drive from san juan. The whole island is the size of Connecticut.

    Happy hunting, I'll be there this time next month
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ky. woods & water View Post
    check out pine-grove on days that la Ocho is either too big or too small (but beware, it gets crazy crowded). Pine-grove is close to la ocho (walking distance) so having wheels is not necessary. La ocho surf-shop will hook you up, ask for Peter. Have fun mane, PR is an amazing place.
    So funny! Say hi to my buddies in Ocean Park during your walk to Pine Grove