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    my hands get cold in 5 mil 5 finger gloves. once the water gets in the high 40s or the air in the mid 30s, my whole body is warm but my fingers die. it sucks because i feel like i could have a more enjoyable experience if i didnt have this annoying problem. The burning of the fingertips sucks and is really painful. of course some people stay warm because they go out for a couple hours at a time. I go out for the whole day. I dont like short sessions. when the waves are good, i want to take full advantage of it.
    i dont want to be cut short because of my fingertips.

    is it really that much warmer in lobster claw or mitten gloves.
    do they keep your hands warm in the coldest days of the winter jan feb mar
    sould i buy them

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    Yes. . .

    . . . buy them.

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    Mittens all the way...

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    mittens are the only way to go in my opinion

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    Could be that you have poor circulation. Some suggestions:

    1) Look up online which herbs are good for improving circulation. Go to your local health food store and buy some (and peppermint for taste) and drink the tea several times a week or before your sessions.

    2) There is a Qi-Gong exercise called "shaking the tree". Basically you shake your hands, swing your arms, and bounce around. This is also good for circulation and loosens you up quite a bit. You will know the exercise is working just after you stop and you can literally feel your blood stirring.

    3) Eat raw veggies that improve circulation

    This may help. Not sure if you sponge or what but lobster claws feel kinda awkward. I roll with 3 mil all winter.