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Thread: New Bodyboard

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    New Bodyboard

    Well i got some X mas money im looking to burn. I am looking at new boards, i currently ride a Toobs bomber 45.5 with the tripple stringers and cresent tail and channelled. I really am just a prone rider looking to get air born. I'm bout 6.0 215 but not a fat body. I was wondering what you guys think about the Toobs magnum...Or the Mike Stewarts...Just wondering because I have seen both in the waters of del...but never had ridden a mike stewart that fit me...Any suggestions thanks guys...Have a happy new years

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    Well for one your board is too big for you IMO.

    Use this chart to determine the ideal bodyboard length for you:
    Board Length

    Your Weight

    Your Height

    65-85 lbs.

    4' - 5'

    85-115 lbs.

    4'6" - 5'2"

    110-130 lbs.

    5'3"- 5'6"

    125-170 lbs.

    5'7" - 5'9"

    145-180 lbs.


    160-190 lbs.


    170-210 lbs.


    180-270 lbs.



    6'3" - 6'6"

    200lbs +

    6'4" +

    go here to shop...

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    i agree with chris, that the 45.5 is too big for any type of performance riding.

    with a bigger board like that it will float you better and get you into waves easier, but your not going to get the reactiveness for steep waves that you will get on a smaller board.

    I'm 6'2, 180. I rock a 42.5 bat tail.

    Since, your heavier than me, maybe go a little bigger to get that bit more of floatation. A 43 might suit you well, problem is hardly anyone makes 43's. I'd say you will want to stay in the 42.5 to 43.5 range. That one inch range makes a huge difference, so its really a matter of your riding style and what works for you. If you go on the smaller side, than a bat tail will give you much more surface area to work with and feel like a bigger board. if you prefer crescent tails, than go a little taller.

    I'd save the 44+ boards for the Hawaiian beef cakes, unless your riding mushy, less challenging waves (ie. north side).

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    yea I figured the 45.5 was big for me but when i bought the board i was a bit bigger in the stomach... I was thinking like a 43 or so....I really like the bomber only for the fact that on small waves she floats real well but i agree with you guys totally with getting a smaller board...Its just i dunno how small is too small...thanks for the response i was thinking maybe the mike stewart though...what you guys think about that board?

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    Talking buying a new board

    First off, a board that is 45 inches is a drop knee board. It is not ment for prone. You said that you were looking at a mike stewart board. Science boards are not really known for being good for big riders. My little brother bought the MS1 2008 model and loves it, bu he's only 5'2". When I think of someone that is 6'3" and 215 pounds, I think No.6. No. 6 is a bigger boarding line that is really trying to come out with some new boards for bigger people. If you want to check some of these boards out go to Right now has a 10% off thing going on. I would check that out. Also, I know that K-Coast has a good amount of No.6 boards in stock. They have had the big guy boards for a while, so you could probably give them an offer for a little less than what they want. I am not shore how much money you want to spend, so i don't know if that helps. If you have any more questions ask. Peace

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    Im 6'1" 200 lbs and I stay in the 42" to 43" range. look for nice thick decks. I genrally ride #6 but last bored I bought was LMNOP Revo for $110 at Kcoast. This is a sick board! 70/30 rail/poly /stringer, Super Fast and fun,its also a bad tail witch is fun for bustn it loose real easy.

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    The tails of bodyboards make a huge difference. I rode a 45 bat tail for my first few years in the water, but last year got a 42.5 crescent tail custom x. This was a big adjustment, so be prepared for a few good workings if you combine a smaller size/cresent tail board. After the adjustment I found that the smaller board allows for a big increase in control, and the tail seems to benefit in the speed department.

    Keep your 45. On bomber days it'll get you in the sweet spot with ease.

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    thanks guys for the advice...I was looking into the No 6. but never really had a chance to ride them...I really dont have a money limit because i will just work ovbertime to pay it off...But i was thinking like a 43 but its hard to find one in that size....Thanks you guys for all the help

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    if your daring enough to make a custom board, toobs is a good choice.

    But, i warn you that it takes time to understand the dimensions and what works best for you. If you like one of their boards, but scaled to a 43, you could ask Marcos, the toobs shaper, to fit your style and stuff.

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    Exclamation hi

    george, its blue,

    No6 goliathe board
    big and thick board meant to give big guys performance. read the thing. No 6s are really solid and fast. Genrally, toobs boards are slow and too basic. my mike stewart is 42.5 and i am only 160. DONT DOWNSIZE b/c it would be really frusterating for all those less than perfect days.

    get this, perfect for yu