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Thread: Want to shape

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    Yeah seriously delawareskim, what's your deal? God forbid anybody wanted to try shaping their own board, right? What do you care? You're not riding it.

    Oc, good luck with shaping bro. Hope it shreds so you can throw some buckets on kooks like this kid.

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    looks like you've got the "green light " have fun and be sure to post your progress .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    somebody needs to get laid!!! Good god man, get a grip...your an a$$hole.
    Agreed! +5

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    Hey Oc, Not to steal business from Greenlight, but there is a great thread somewhere on here... I think it's under home depot board. The person who posted did a great job going through with photo evidence on how to make a black for cheap from materials at Home Depot. I think it's under Home Depot Board Build or something. Anyway check that out.. Thats what I based my free wooden pallet stand off of for the few boards I have crafted. Also, just remember if it floats with you on it, it will surf... Maybe not well, but it will surf. Have fun and good luck! If you do end up making a shape post it up.