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    found my board at a pawn shop. its back safe and sound. thanks for the responses.
    Pawn shop? haha. wtf.

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    Are they/ you going to prosecute? I assume they have a record of the transaction for something that expensive...

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    oh wow a Pawn shop haha..

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    hope they didnt hassle you, some around jville gave my friend a hard time about his stolen rifle booo!

  5. Maybe your board will be on Pawn Stars!!!

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    Thumbs up yup. pawn shop.

    I had emailed this guy right after my board was stolen. He goes around to all the pawn shops in the area buying used board and reselling them on craigslist. He saw my board. Called Greg Eavey, the guy who shaped it, Greg called me. I called the police and went to the pawn shop with my police report and flyer. cops came, they did some paperwork, i signed some stuff, and i got to take it home.

    They got a picture of the two guys that brought it in. i didnt get to see it but they described them to me ... one man didnt talk or couldnt talk, just motioned. and the other looked like half of his face had been badly burned. scary ****.
    the end.

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    Glad to hear you got it back safe and sound.

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    Glad you got your board back... must be all that clean living :-) The thieves sound like one of the characters in "Tijuana Straights" by Kem Nunn... a great read btw...


  9. happy ending