I'm not intolerant of new surfers. I'm intolerant of ANY surfer who doesn't understand etiquette and puts the safety and enjoyment of others in jeopardy. Unfortunately, most of the time, those are new surfers.

When I first started out, I WOULD NOT paddle out into a crowded break, even with my friends. I knew that I didn't have enough control over my board to be around that many people. So for a few months, I surfed alone at a place a little further down the beach where there was barely anyone else out. After I got comfortable and in control of my board, I paddled out with the rest of the pack.

There is nothing wrong with learning to surf, but I wouldn't recommend paddling out into a crowded break until you:

A: Know your limits

B: Know etiquette

C: Can control your board

Just some advice. Best of luck to you.