I just read the forum trolls thread that got locked this morning. That was entertainment at it's best. It had nothing to do with surfing. I say diversify a bit. I mean, it's ALLL beeen answered already....

-can I wear my 3/2 yet? Yes! I don't give a sh*t if you are hot or cold. You are a big kid.

-Tomorrow............. TOmorrow will suck just like today did! Ya kook! Get up at a decent hour and go look if you think you might want to go surfing. Hey! I know a sweet f*cking website that will TELL YOU THE FORECAST A WEEK IN ADVANCE!!! TRIPPY HUH????

-This weekend..... THis weekend will suck just like the last one did!!! See above! F*ck this coast!!!

-barneys in the lineup.... DUH it's waist high and crappy all of the time, do you expect to see pros? Quit b*tching, barney.

EROCK, I really enjoyed your $.02 in the forum trolls thread, that made me giggle. Good stuff.