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    Biscuit, SUP, Fins, and Tide watch

    Have a few more boards to put on the chopping block along with fins and a tide watch I no longer use...PM me if interested. Other boards still up for sale as well...LINK.


    Future JC1--super clean, $50


    5'7"x20"x2 3/4" Brian Wynn Biscuit--$175 (boards been well used, but plenty of life left) ResinX, poly dings.

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    is the watch still available?

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    All PM's answered...bump bump bump...

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    Tried to reply via PM. Seems your inbox is full. LMK.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by senorslugworth View Post
    Tried to reply via PM. Seems your inbox is full. LMK.

    Thank you
    Sorry about that SSW...cleaned up the box. Should work now...

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    Rip curl Watch...pending
    Skip Frye fin...sold

    Bump bump!

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    You can put those boards on consignment in Greenlight if you want to avoid having to meet up with people who bail or bring less money than you've agreed upon. Lots of people scooping up used boards lately...
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    Sounds solid Greenlight...I have a few other boards that I could drop in your shop. I'll try and bring them buy this weekend...I'll let you know.

    Dialers are sold.

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    Watch back up for sale...

    Wynn Biscuit pending...up to the top!

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    SUP pending...biscuit, fins and watch still for sale! Bump....