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    C-Shaper Surfboard Profiler

    Hey All,

    This is for some of you shapers out there...up for sale is my C-shaper/profiler. Used it a ton over the last few years...but really don't need it for the boards that i have been making lately. Its in great condition and is fully functional with profiles already supplied. For those of you looking to have more consistent rocker profiles...check it out! Cost is $450...

    • Complete Metal Carriage including longer profile supports

    • 3 bridges: 2 original (top/bottom), 1 custom I made to use for use with future’s router

    • 2 homemade bridge slides made for the Makita D-handle Router

    • 2 Full MDF profiles (5’11” ...Lost Stealth style profile and 6’1” JS Combat style profile), plus 2 additional MDF 8' shelves/template material

    • 2 Masonite profile templates and drill hole patterns

    Nt., pic is using masonite profiles and the custom bridge. Contact for additional pics...

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    hello, my name is carlos sonderblohm from algarve, south Portugal. Im starting to shape agave boards and blanks (wooden boards like balsa). I saw this post looking foward to build myself a router profiler for improve my method and start a small bussiness...are you still selling this one? can you sell the plans? my email is
    thank you and happy new year

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    Sorry my man...this thing is long gone. I was he second owner and the original was purchased from shapers's on their website and called the "c-shaper"...think it cost about a grand and I have no idea what the shipping would be like to Portugal. I've attached the plans for a custom/homemade one I found online prior to finding the one above...

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    Last one...


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    Zero...I know right...